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Elevating the standard for VIP widebodies


Maximum range

Nonstop to nearly every destination.


Low Cabin Altitude

Arrive refreshed with reduced fatigue.


More Fuel Efficient

Than direct competitors.

Interior of 787 jet comfort lounge

The most preferred passenger experience

Make flying the best part of your trip. Explore why the BBJ 787 Dreamliner brings you the best-in-class experience in business aviation.

Open Entry-Ways Spacious Living Areas Private Rooms Staterooms VIP Lavatories

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Courtesy of Pierrejean Design Studio

Courtesy of Greenpoint Technologies

Cabin sizes Cross Section Better Air Quality Smoother Ride Low Cabin Altitude Windows

Cross Section

Widest, tallest cabins in its class. Allows for completely private rooms while maintaining accessibility to the rest of the cabin.

Better air quality

Improved cabin humidity and temperature control.

Smooth Ride Technology

Sensors detect turbulence and automatically actuate flight control surfaces to counter the effects of air disturbances.

Low Cabin Altitude System

This bizliner-unique system increases the ambient pressure and air density onboard, reducing the cabin altitude to 6,000 ft at the BBJ 787 Dreamliner’s maximum cruise altitude.

Window Technology

The electronically dimmable windows can be individually or collectively controlled, eliminating the need for supplemental window treatment.

The BBJ 787 Dreamliner’s clean sheet design makes it the most advanced business jetliner.

BBJ 787 Dreamliner connects the world

Explore where the BBJ 787 Dreamliner can take you.

Select Departure City    Cape Town Delhi Dubai Hong Kong London Los Angeles New York Sao Paulo Sydney
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Mission Assumptions: 25 Pax. 50% annual winds (limiting direction). Nominal fuel consumption. 91 kg per passenger. 3% airways allowance. NBAA-IFR mission rules. 200 nmi alternate airport.


Cutting-edge Technology

Built from a clean sheet design, the BBJ 787 Dreamliner is the blueprint for the latest technological advances in aviation. Explore the advancements that Boeing is bringing to business aviation.

Advanced aerodynamics Revolutionary structures Advanced flight deck Fuel efficiency

Composite is key. The innovative BBJ 787 Dreamliner composite structure makes the airplane more efficient.

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