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BBJ 737 MAX Family

An elite combination of comfort, range, and reliability


Cabin Space

Than that of a typical private jet

15 hours

Nonstop Range

Up to 6,600nmi | 12,220km



With multiple lounges, private rooms, and walk-by aisles


Make flying time
productive time

Each BBJ 737 MAX is fitted with a unique interior specifically designed to fulfill your flying needs. With spacious cabins and endless design opportunities, you are guaranteed to make the most out of every mission.

Open Entryways Spacious Living Areas Private Rooms Staterooms VIP Lavatories

Courtesy of AMAC & Unique Designs

Courtesy of Jet Tech & INFUSION

Courtesy of AMAC & Unique Designs

Courtesy of Associated Air Center & Alberto Pinto Designs

Courtesy of Fokker Techniek & ALTEA

Cabin Sizes Cross Section External Footprint Low Cabin Altitude System Windows

Cross Section

Allows for completely private rooms while maintaining accessibility to the rest of the aircraft.

Comparable External Footprint

Yet offers nearly three times the cabin space.

Low Cabin Altitude System

This bizliner-unique system increases the ambient pressure and air density onboard, reducing the cabin altitude to 6,500 ft at the BBJ 737 MAX’s maximum cruise altitude.


20% larger windows — for a better view.

BBJ 737 MAX covers 99.9% of all global business aviation flights, nonstop.

BBJ 737 MAX connects the world

Explore where the BBJ 737 MAX can take you

Select Departure City    Cape Town Delhi Dubai Hong Kong London Los Angeles New York Sao Paulo Sydney
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Mission Assumptions: 8 Pax. 50% annual winds (outbound direction). Nominal fuel consumption. 91 kg per passenger. 3% airways allowance. NBAA-IFR mission rules. 200 nmi alternate airport.


Cutting-edge Technology

More than just a new engine, the BBJ 737 MAX incorporates innovations to make this aircraft more fuel-efficient. Explore the advancements that Boeing is bringing to business aviation.

Enhanced Performance Winglets Flight Deck Airstairs Global Support


Deployable from both inside or outside of the aircraft, integrated airstairs eliminate the need for stair carts. Unlike other business jets, these are stowed within the belly of the aircraft so as not to take up any cabin space.

BBJ 737 MAX cost 35% less to operate with 3x the cabin space.

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BBJ 777X

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